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Water Heater Installation

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When your water heater stops working, whether from damage or normal wear and tear, Mitchell Heating DC is here to help you find a replacement. Our Washington D.C. water heater installation experts can walk you through all the different options we have available so that you can make the most informed choice, because a new water heater is an investment. Give us a call at our Washington D.C. location, and we’ll have our professionals assist you with all water heater questions and concerns.

When to Get a New Water Heater in Washington D.C.

If your water heater seems to be struggling, but you’re not sure whether it requires full-on replacement, our team members in Washington D.C. will come to your property to assess and diagnose your water heater needs with the accuracy and honesty that we promise to every customer. If your water heater does turn out to need repairs or replacement, call Mitchell Heating in Washington D.C., and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Washington D.C. Water Heater Installation

Located conveniently in Washington D.C., our team provides water heater installation services including water heater delivery and hauling away of the old unit and meticulous setup as they connect the new water heater to venting, electrical, gas, and water supply lines. They’ll also do a cycle test to make sure there are no leaks or issues, and then a final inspection to make sure every piece of your system is up and running properly. For hot water heater installation in Washington D.C., call Mitchell Heating.

Water Heater Installation Experts for Washington D.C.

It may look simple, but we don’t recommend attempting a water heater installation without the help of experienced, licensed professionals. Mitchell Heating provides installation services throughout the Washington D.C. area so that you don’t have to go it alone. Because your water heater interacts with natural gas, carbon monoxide, and sometimes a pressure-controlled holding tank, mistakes can be disastrous. A poorly installed water heater hurts you more than it helps, so call our trained Washington D.C. experts to make sure the job is done right.


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