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Whether it’s in your home or on your business property, your furnace is responsible for maintaining equilibrium to keep you and your guests comfortable. In the harsh Washington D.C. winters, you can bet that a quality furnace goes a long way. That’s why we at Mitchell Heating DC aim to exceed your expectations by offering state-of-the-art furnace options like Lennox® furnaces. From maintenance and repairs to full replacements, our Washington D.C. team can take care of it all.

Washington D.C. Winters Are No Match for a Lennox® Furnace

Lennox® furnaces have a wide range of features to give you the most convenient heating system for your home or business. We provide various options for motor speed and PreciseComfort® technology, and newer models also offer enhanced energy efficiency choices. Each Lennox® model is designed to fit your Washington D.C. home, with advanced features like air filtration and humidity control to keep the air inside your property clean, light, and comfortable.

Environmentally Friendly Options in Washington D.C.

The features of Lennox® furnaces not only benefit you but help the environment by using energy more efficiently. That’s important to us here at Mitchell Heating in Washington D.C., which is why we offer such a variety of eco-friendly products. The dual-fuel system, for example, runs mostly on electricity and reserves gas for emergencies. For a furnace that will make you feel good about both the air in your property and your impact on the environment, call Mitchell Heating in Washington D.C..

Lennox® Furnace Troubleshooting for Washington D.C.

If you should run into any problems, Lennox® furnace troubleshooting is a no-sweat process for our Washington D.C. customers. These heating systems are user-friendly and easy to manage, and Mitchell Heating DC is here to help you maintain them. When you call us, upgrading or modifying your existing heating system is simple and stress-free, because we’ll be there for you every step of the way. Call now and speak to one of our certified Washington D.C. team members about which option is best for you.


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