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Furnace Replacement

United States Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

When your old furnace has had enough, choosing furnace replacement over continuing to pay for repairs on the unit often ends up saving you time and money. At Mitchell Heating DC, we are here to share our expertise in HVAC systems and help you through the replacement process. From selecting the best brand for your Washington D.C. property and your installation, you’ll feel supported by our technicians the entire time. Stop worrying about your dated furnace with top-notch replacement from Mitchell Heating.

Furnace Replacement in Washington D.C.

You might be asking yourself why choose to get a replacement instead of continuing to call us for furnace service repairs on your Washington D.C. home or business. In the long run, choosing furnace replacement for your Washington D.C. property can be beneficial, and ultimately cost you less, than repairing a furnace isn’t capable of running correctly anymore. Ideally, we expect a furnace to last 12-17 years before it’s time to replace it. Around the 15th year, though, the odds of the furnace breaking down significantly increase. If your furnace is reaching its final years, call Mitchell Heating.

The Cost of Not Replacing Your Washington D.C. Furnace

If you’re hesitant about replacing the furnace in your Washington D.C. property because of the immediate costs, we understand. However, a furnace that isn’t working efficiently can have other costs of their own. One place they can cost you is on your energy bill, and the continued furnace service calls to your Washington D.C. property. With recurring issues, our technicians can lend their experience in helping you decide if it’s time to replace. Washington D.C. has a high cost of living, to begin with, but you don’t need an expensive energy bill too.

Beware Poor Furnace Service at Your Washington D.C. Property

One of the problems an older furnace might cause is poor air quality. Your replacement may require addressing the ductwork in order to function properly. Older ductwork — which can be frequently found in the historic homes and buildings in the Washington D.C. — typically have outdated ducts that have accumulated allergens like dust, mold, and mildew. If you struggle with allergies across the seasons in Washington D.C., you may benefit from a duct and furnace replacement.


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