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Washington D.C. is home to many beautiful buildings, both big and small. Sometimes the furnaces keeping these places warm can also be models that require frequent service, and you may find yourself calling for furnace repair technicians more often. This can be very frustrating, and you shouldn’t have to suffer in a cold home or business in the middle of winter in Washington D.C. Whether you need exceptional furnace installation or a tune-up, at Mitchell Heating DC, we’re here to help you keep warm with a furnace with that is working the way you need.

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Regular Furnace Service in Washington D.C.

The life expectancy of a furnace is 12-15 years. The ideal way to keep it running is to hire a qualified Washington D.C. furnace repair technician for regular checkups and address coming problems. A Mitchell Heating contractor will come to your Washington D.C. property to check the cleanliness of the burners and heat exchanger, confirm that the blower is maintaining proper airflow, inspect the safety of the furnace’s operation, and examine the electrical components. You can have peace of mind knowing that your furnace is safe, and your Washington D.C. home or business is going to stay warm.

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When a Washington D.C. Building Needs a Furnace Replacement

There are several reasons why it’s time to consider a furnace replacement in your Washington D.C. property. The most obvious reason can be that the furnace is just old. A furnace at the end of its run won’t operate with the efficiency and effectiveness you need, and your monthly energy bill is going to show just how bad things are. You may also have poor indoor air quality that can’t be fixed with a simple air filter replacement. No matter the reason, our Mitchell Heating technicians provide expert furnace service.

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From furnace installation to maintenance and repairs, Mitchell Heating of the greater Washington D.C. area is ready to help keep your furnace in good shape or assist you with the process of choosing a furnace replacement that suits you and your property’s needs and perform a furnace installation when your new unit arrives. You can rest assured that our contractors use clear language, unlike some Washington D.C. companies, so you have all the correct information necessary to make a smart decision. Call Mitchell Heating today and feel confident your furnace is handled by trustworthy contractors.

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Residential Furnace Repair

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Commercial Furnace Repair

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