Lennox® Ductless Mini-Split Systems

United States Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

Installing a ductless mini-split system gives rooms without immediate duct access the airflow and comfort you want. Many of our customers in Washington D.C. choose these systems, due to their versatility, especially with older properties. Mitchell Heating DC offers a wide range of Lennox® ductless mini-split systems for our customers throughout the Washington D.C. area. We’re positive you’ll prefer the Lennox® ductless system for its efficient and quiet operation and easy-to-maintain design. When you’re ready to switch to Lennox®, call Mitchell Heating DC.

Ductless Air Conditioner in Washington D.C.

Ductless air conditioners are an affordable, easy way for rooms without direct duct access to get a little extra cooling. Mitchell Heating DC proudly offers our Washington D.C. customers a wide variety of Lennox® ductless AC units to choose from, so no matter your needs or budget, we’ve got the right one for you. When you need ductless air conditioner installation, our team has years of hands-on experience you can rely on for professional service. We’ve earned the trust of the Washington D.C. community through exceptional service, so don’t compromise your comfort any longer!

Lennox® Mini-Splits in Washington D.C.

When you’re looking for a new Lennox® mini-split system, call the experts at Mitchell Heating DC. Washington D.C. property owners are often battling uncooperative weather, and the popularity of new additions and older properties means we see a good deal of mini-split installations. Our team at Mitchell Heating DC offers property owners a wide range of affordable, efficient Lennox® mini-split systems. Easy to install, these mini-split systems are feature-rich and engineered for your continual comfort.

Lennox® Ductless Air Conditioners in Washington D.C.

Mitchell Heating DC offers Washington D.C. customers an impressive selection of Lennox® ductless air conditioner models. We will install and maintain your system for long-term optimal performance. Lennox® ductless air conditioners are some of the quietest and most energy-efficient units you can buy, making them extremely popular in Washington D.C.. The precise comfort control means your Lennox® ductless air conditioner can conveniently adjust fan speed and cooling output. When you need help with your ductless Lennox® AC unit in the Washington D.C. area, call the trusted pros at Mitchell Heating DC.


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